Celebrating International Women’s Day!

This is a repost from my earlier doodles.
It’s always interesting to discuss the interpretations of every individual! I doodled this inspired by all the women around me.

My interpretation:

The heels – Every woman is her own level of sophistication. She has her own standards that she defines.

The glasses with a question – No one knows on what, or who, a woman has set her eyes on.

Water droplet shaped face – she can adjust wherever she is! She is a survivor

Half of her face covered by her hair – She has mastered the art of portraying just what others must know. She is a mystery indeed!

The horn – The attitude she throws out to protect herself.

Tiny crown – You can call her queen bee!

The half heart – She’s lost pieces of it every time she was shattered by someone. She is sensitive, yet strong!

Wing – Every woman wants to fly high. At least one level above where she is now.

Camera – The society captures every move of her! Why are her moves so important to this society? Is it because she has the power to revolutionize the world, or is it because the society wants to find a chance to break her down?

Please share your interpretations, too!

Happy Women’s Day to every woman out there! πŸ™‚


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