Doodles of Randomness!

Random thoughts always makes a person vulnerable. It makes me vulnerable too! Vulnerability always brings out the painful memories of us to life: the past, which we hide from everyone, the ugly truths that we don’t reveal, our weakness, our sadness, and everything that can break us down. This is totally fine. After all we are humans who are bound to get hurt! 🙂 But the best part of our vulnerabilities is that we can become stronger when we take them constructively. Convert them in a positive way. The following doodle was out of my random thoughts. It tested my patience like crazy! I did get frustrated, but totally worth the vulnerability. This one is dedicated to all the strong souls who don’t mind being vulnerable, and to those who want to get stronger. Remember we all go through it! 🙂

Stay Inspired. Stay Untrapped! 🙂



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