INSPIRATIONS! This one word takes us to different memories. Good or bad, the strong ones evolve more strong, embrace it, and get inspired by them. The weaker ones, they still haven’t reached their point yet! Let’s just leave it to them. They will get there some day. This is one such page where I have shared few art works of mine sourced by various inspirations. I keep wondering at how beautifully chaotic our lives are. Our souls are often trapped within this chaos, not willing or unable to explore outside. How does it feel to be someone else? Maybe as a writer, sculptor, popular star, or as basic as a tiny drop of water. Each soul has its own series of adventures to get through. There were highs and lows in my life, too. Inspirations are the only way you realize what is it to be another living being. Imaginations add on more colors to it, and these untrapping your soul! I am super glad that my passion for arts kept me going through all these. Please feel free to give your feedback!